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Backcountry lodge ski touring in Canada
Backcountry Lodges

These trips are the ultimate in ski touring holidays. 7 days in a remote lodge with just you, your friends and your guides. You won't come across other groups (or their tracks!). There are many lodges to choose from, each with their own charm, but in each case the terrain is amazing, the accommodation comfortable and the food top notch. Join Banff Alpine Gudies for the ultimate ski touring holiday! Contact us for more details.

Some of our favuorite lodges:

  • Icefall Lodge

  • Whitecap Alpine

  • Blanket Glacier Chalet

  • Golden Alpine Holidays

  • Snowfall Lodge

Price for a 7 day trip: Between $2000.00 and $2700.00 depending on the lodge.

Includes guiding, flights, gourmet meals and accommodation. All you have to do is show up!

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