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Mount Temple Canadian Rockies mountaineering
Canadian Rockies Classics

The Candian Rockies are home to some famous mountaineering objectives.

Some of our favourites

  • Mount Assiniboine - North Ridge

  • Mount Victoria - several routes

  • Mount Athabasca - several routes

  • Mounta Robson - Kain Route

  • Mount Temple - East Ridge or Southwest Ridge

Bugaboos Mountaineering

In addition to the amazing rock climbing in the Bugaboos, it is also has some fantastic general mountaineering and glacier hike options.

Some of our favourites

  • Eastpost Spire

  • Pigeon Feathers Traverse

Rogers Pass Alpine

Just down the road from Banff Rogers Pass offers some excellent mountaineering and alpine rock climbing options.

Some of our favourites:

  • NW Ridge - Mt. MacDonald - 5.8

  • West Ridge - Mount Tupper - 5.4

  • NW Ridge of Sir Donald - 5.4. A must do route!

  • South Ridge of Uto

  • Asulkan Traverse

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