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Alpine rock in the Bugaboos and Canadian Rockies
Candian Rockies Alpine Rock

The Rockies boast some spectacular alpine rock climbs, many of which can be done in a day from Banff.

Some of our favourites

  • Eisenhower Tower - Castle Mountain 5.6

  • Brewers Buttress - Castle Mountain 5.6

  • Kain Route - Mt. Louis 5.8

  • The Fold - Mt. Kidd 5.8

Bugaboos Alpine Rock

Arguably the best we have to offer in Canada. This magical corner of the Purcell Mountains is just a few hours' drive from Banff. Join us for an adventure on the world famous granite of the Bugaboos!

A very short list of some Bugaboo Classics:

  • West Ridge - Pigeon Spire 5.4

  • Kain Route - Bugaboo Spire 5.6

  • NE Ridge - Bugaboo Spire 5.9

  • Snowpatch route - Snowpatch Spire 5.8

  • Becky Chouinard - South Howser Tower - 5.10

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