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Ice climbing in Banff
One Day Ice Experience

Get out and try something new! Intro programs available on request any time during the season. Ideal for families or groups, these days are all about getting out for a new adventure. We'll visit one of many climbing areas in the Bow Valley.

What you can expect:

  • Ice climbing safety

  • Learn about the climbing equipment

  • Learn basic ice climbing techniques

  • Basic rope management - belaying and lowering on top rope climbs

  • Climb Climb Climb!

Learn to Lead

Making the transition from top roping to leading ice is a big step. Over two days we'll cover all of the skills needed to get there in a controlled setting. You can expect to be leading easy routes by the end of the second day if you and your instructor feel that you're ready. Previous ice climbing experience necessary.

Topics covered:

  • Lead belaying and belaying from the top

  • Ice leading techniques

  • Hazard managment

  • Rope management

  • Anchors/gear placement

  • Climbing movement and techniques

Multipitch Ice

Learn the basics of multipitch ice climbing. This two day course will focus on how to safely climb multipitch ice routes. Prior Ice climbing experience is required. If you and your instrutcor feel that you're ready, you can expect to do some lead climbing.

What you can expect:

  • Multipitch belay systems

  • Building anchors/placing protection

  • Rope management

  • Hazard management

  • Strategies for multupitch ice climbing

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