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Skiers on the Wapta Traverse below Mt. St. Nicolas

Wapta Traverse Hut-to-Hut Backcountry Ski Tour

Canada's original hut to hut ski traverse! We'll start by skiing into the Bow Hut where we'll spend our first night. This usually takes 4-5 hours so we'll get to the hut at a reasonable time and may have the option to do a short ski run or peak ascent near the hut. The next day we'll get up and make our way to the Balfour Hut via the St. Nicolas/Olive Col. Either of these peaks are an option if the group is keen. In good stability we can also travel via Vulture Col. If we have time after getting to the hut we can go do a lap on the beautiful north facing Diablaret Glacier. In the morning we'll tackle the crux of the trip: the Balfour High Col. Once through this we can ascend Mt. Balfour or several other smaller objectives along the way to the Scott Duncan Hut. The final day we will ski out to Sherbrooke Lake.

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Price: $950.00/person for 3 nights/4 days.

Includes guiding/instruction, equipment

Bow Yoho Traverse Ski Tour Trip

Thanks to the building of the new Richard and Louise Guy Hut, we can traverse from Bow Lake to the little Yoho Valley without massive days and/or camping! We'll start by skiing into the Bow Hut as per the classic Wapta Traverse. From there we'll ski over to the new hut at the base of Mount Des Poilus. Once settled at the hut we have the option of ascents (and descents!) of the nearby peaks. After we finish our breakfast on day three we'll head for the Stanley Mitchell hut via Isolated Col. Once at the hut we will spend a couple days touring in the area before skiing out to Field.

Price: $1550/person for 5 nights/6 days

Includes guiding/instruction, technical equipment

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